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At the moment you were born, the stars and planets aligned to create a unique impression that is YOU.


 This impression is a blueprint that can guide your life direction and personal development.


This blueprint is your soul speaking to you through energy and symbols to help you expand and transform into your highest vibrational self in this lifetime.


Aligned + Rooted Intuitive Astrology School is a modern astrology school that combines teaching the ancient system of astrology with intuitive guidance, soul growth perspective, psychology and deep personal development.


 You can unlock your most innate strengths, abilities and leadership potential. Tap into the flow of your intuitive wisdom and the clear path your soul initiated through the choice of your birth chart. You can learn to embody this energy blueprint to form a deep daily connection to your soul and to heal from trauma and negative patterns.

Meet your teacher and guide, Amy.


As a successful business leader and trained therapist, Amy blends strong professional skills with her innate gifts in intuitive healing, teaching and astrology.


Using her soul's imprint, Amy is living life in deep connection to her Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Rising and north node in Scorpio. Get in touch with your birth details if you'd like a composite chart to see how we'd work together!


In Amy's 20 year career, she has guided hundreds of business leaders, healers, teachers, parents, artists and seekers to live with more joy, connection and self understanding.


Amy can expertly guide you to find your own wisdom, your inner light, your connection to your cosmic self, and your path to more embodiment in the human realm here on the earth through helping you heal trauma, reprogram neural pathways, upgrade your mindset and habits, and reconnect to your soul's deepest knowing. You are your own healer.


Amy teaches astrology as an energetic system of translating cosmic energies and archetypes so that you can align with your clarity, security and ideal timing, in addition to a deeper and more present connection to your soul in your every day life. 

Amy is the CEO of Root Wellness Studio in Boulder, CO where she lives with her partner, 3 boys and 2 dogs. She also offers free reiki moon healing circles and private in-person transformation healing intensives that include brainspotting and psychedelic assisted therapy and integration.



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"The work I have done with Amy has been absolutely life-changing. Amy helps me know myself and tap into my intuition. It has helped me feel centered and empowered in the decisions I make for my business."
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