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When you have a psychedelic experience without any post-journey integration, you will likely find that within 6 months or so, you’re back to the old way of thinking, the old habits, the old behaviors.

That’s because while the journey helped you to break free of your Default Mode Network (DMN), it is in the days following your journey that you experience what is known as 'neuroplasticity', when your brain is pliable, that you need coaching to help you to integrate what you experienced and learned.

THIS is when you can incorporate your intentions and experience into new habits, new ways of thinking, new behaviors.

As an Integration Coach, I will help you make the most of your journey by helping you to make sense of and coalesce that which you experience and learned with what you know and how you live your life.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is fast becoming a  sought-after and highly effective modality to help people overcome addiction, depression, PTSD, and many other debilitating challenges.

Additionally, micro-dosing as an effective way of battling depression, super-boosting creativity, and encouraging coherence among high-performance business teams.

And while both of these treatments have shown enormously positive results, the benefits are not derived from the medicines, but from the integration of the experience into a person's cognition.

And that's done through a series of exercises and practices available in Integration Coaching sessions.

Licensed therapists and counselors, trained to provide psychedelic assisted sessions, are limited in their time and resources, and oftentimes are only able to provide prompts and 'homework' for clients seeking post-psychedelic journey integration.

That's where I come in. 

Using a wide range of techniques, from introspective journaling to meditation practice to Reiki to yoga and body movement, I will guide and assist you in the embodiment of your experience, and make the most of your psychedelic journeys.
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